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In today’s built environment, we have created sealed structures to keep ourselves isolated and insulated from the outdoors.  We now spend roughly 90% of our time indoors.  While the way we construct our buildings and the materials we use have changed as the years go by, how have we changed the way we maintain our built environment?  Very little, if any at all.  We still use mops and brooms to push the dirt around, we strip and wax floors, soak and extract carpets, use primarily inefficient vacuums, and still coat wood floors with urethanes that contains high cancer causing V.O.C’s. We cook different foods, use different cosmetics, use a variety of different cleaning products and laundry detergents. We burn candles, light fires, use inefficient vacuums all the while unknowingly create a toxic environment trapped inside our sealed environment.

What effect is this causing to our health?  Our sealed environment whether it looks clean or not is still dirty, the air we breathe is contaminated and we are polluting the earth.

Protecting Health

When you breathe better, you think better.  People go to the mountains, the ocean, etc… and take in a deep breath, then exhale and remark how good it feels to breathe clean fresh air.  Why wouldn’t we want to do this every day where we spend most of our time?

Smoke and Animal Smell

The smell of a house pet is almost certainly present everywhere inside and throughout the interior of your environment. Atmosphere X products remove and break down any animal smells, as well as smell of urea. Also, if a member of the family smokes or you receive guests that smokes, the technology in Atmosphere X products will decompose the smoke, making sure there is no smell or residues of the smoke on your walls or furniture.

Atmosphere X purifies the air and:

  • Creates self-cleaning surfaces with long-lasting fresh appearance
  • Slows the aging of the surfaces, to which was applied
  • Purifying and protective effects are high and long-lasting
  • Prevents the growth of green algae, fungi and other microorganisms by non-invasive form on surfaces
  • Disposes of odors and smoke from cigarettes, which has more than 4,000 toxic substances
  • Disposes of organic waste products and allergens
  • Destroys viruses, bacteria, microorganisms and spores
  • Disposes of nitrogen oxides (NOx), ozone and car exhausts residues
  • Cleans air from phenol and formaldehyde
  • Cleans air from phthalates (plasticizers in adhesives, carpets, paint and plastics)
  • Oxidizes toxic carbon monoxide CO, into harmless carbon dioxide CO2

Robert Parker

Robert Parker

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Jason Meehl